Producing high-quality meats steeped in tradition. Come together, slow down, and enjoy life with those you love.



What We Do

Farmers' markets through the seasons

Farmers' markets through the seasons

We celebrate the power of food to slow us down to enjoy our connections and our community.
Our mobile butcher shop brings you a taste of Europe...

Who We Are

Erika lynch

Erika lynch

Erika Lynch grew up in Kentucky enjoying good, Southern food. She treasures fond memories of extended family gatherings...

Our Mentors

Erika with mentor, dominique

Erika with mentor, dominique

To learn her craft, Erika traveled to Gascony, France to study with master butchers. Kate Hill and Dominique Chapolard taught Erika the intricacies...



“I have been searching for years for a salami that rivaled my Mom's homemade sopressata. I have finally found it in Babette's Table.”


Available for purchase at:

The Butchery in Stowe, Stowe, VT

Dedalus Wine Shop, Burlington, VT

Hunger Mountain Coop, Montpelier, VT

Jubilee Farm, Huntington, VT

The Mad River Taste Place, Waitsfield, VT

Philo Ridge Farm, Charlotte, VT

Red Hen Bakery, Middlesex, VT

Shelburne Farms Farm Store in Shelburne and online, Shelburne, VT

Smallgoods American Cheeses and Provisions, La Jollia, CA

Waitsfield Summer Farmer's Market, Waitsfield, VT

Woodstock Farmer's Market, Woodstock, VT

Served at:

Hen of the Wood Restaurant, Waterbury, VT

Lawson’s Finest Liquids Taproom, Waitsfield, VT

Perennial Cider Bar, Belfast, ME