Old-World Technique, Vermont Farm-to-Table Style

Babette’s Table is the embodiment of the Vermont farm to table ethos seen through the lens of Old-World technique and craftsmanship.  The result is hand-crafted charcuterie that elevates local meat to its most delicious form. — Bill Cavanaugh

Comfort Food at Its Best

Growing up in an Italian American household near New York City, salami was "comfort food"- one of those very special tastes you associate with the best times your life. After moving to New England, I thought the salami I remembered was forever gone. I never suspected that I could find that kind of quality here in Vermont-a real "taste of home" for those of us old enough to hold cherished memories of food and family, or for those young enough to understand the importance of creating those memories for the people you love. — Diana Leddy

Fabulous Market Meats

We absolutely adore our new Farmers' Market vendors, Babette's Table. Come visit them early as the products sell out quickly — Lotty Roozekranz

Outshines Any Other...

I have been searching for years for a salami that rivaled my Mom's homemade sopressata. I have finally found it in Babette's Table. This sausage outshines any other I have tasted, and I am now addicted to this extraordinary product. It is pure joy to my taste buds. — Karen Kurzman

Where Can We Get More???

We served Babette's Table's sausages and salamis at a recent event and it was the talk of the party. Everyone LOVED it and was incessantly asking where they could get their hands on more!  — Nadine Budbill

Meats from Babette’s Table are a must-have for our table. We’ve had many memorable meals with friends and family from Babette’s. And we try to always have some salami on hand for when someone drops by. A new Vermont treasure.
— Ross Sneyd and Warren Hathaway